Tran Khanh Linh(政策科学部―CRPS)

Tran Khanh Linh


Tran Khanh Linh



I became a Library staff because I wanted to read more books. I knew the value of books, but I have never gotten so many chances to know more about books and the OIC library. Being a staff at OIC Library, the job gives me the opportunity to know more about a great number of interesting books, and I have started the habit of reading books and studying here!
Additionally, when I first came to the library, I didn’t know much about the rules or how to borrow books. It seems that there were not so many tours, events, or guide materials for international students, so I want to support my international friends by being staff here.



The library staff has to rearrange the borrowed book to its original place as the most basic job. However, there is also other work such as managing the “Piara” room or finding some lost books.
My favorite job is doing project activities, and I highly recommend this. For example, in order to support international students, I am participating in the “Quick Reference” project. I am currently in charge of the English translation of materials and the Quick reference counter. Recently, I was surprised that domestic students can take a tour of the library if they apply at the undergraduate level, but there is no tour for international students. Luckily, I had the opportunity to be in charge of the tour in English for the first time, and I am glad that many students participated.



I have learned so many things from being staff here, from how to work in a professional environment by writing formal emails, submitting reports, or promoting events. I also know how to work efficiently, be on time, or turn an idea into real project. I believe that these skills will be very useful when I work in the future.



As we can choose your working shifts, and normally there is only 1st to 5th-period shifts, I still have plenty of time to study after school or for my circle activities. Moreover, I found out that being a library staff will be useful for other extracurricular activities as well. For example, as I am a BBP management staff, PMSG (neighborhood association) member, Global supporters (circle), and RM of the international dorm, I am now able to answer new international students’ questions about the library.

自分の授業に合わせて、コマごとにシフト希望を出せますし、勉強する時間やサークルなどの活動も考えてシフト希望を出すことで、両立が可能です。逆に、ライブラリースタッフをやることで、他の大学内の活動でも役に立つと思います。 例えば、私はBBPマネジメントスタッフ、 PMSG(自治会)、Global supporters(サークル)、国際寮のRMなどの留学生支援活動でも、図書館についての質問に対応できるようになりました。


I want to create an inclusive, creative, and easy-to-use place for Ritsumeikan University students. As students have many stressful classes during the day, the library should be one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use places to study, for both Japanese and international students. Through doing project activities, I hope to be able to help as many students as possible.



I really recommend applying for library staff, as it is many more fun and teach me so many useful skills than normal off-campus part-time jobs. Please don’t be hesitate to apply even when you’re an international student!